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Our Peonies are grown and hand picked in Alaska.

We meticulously care for each bloom without chemicals

to bring you the most vibrant and healthy peonies available. 

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The Story of Our Peonies.

Peonies, Summer 2018
Peonies, Summer 2018

     My introduction to Peonies came 30 years ago. I had recently moved from the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage to accept a position in a downtown medical clinic. One day, someone came in from the garden along the south side of the building with the most beautiful and biggest "rose" I'd ever laid eyes on! I was very impressed!  This turned out to be the first peony I'd ever seen. Subsequently, 19 years ago, I planted peonies in my home garden. They do beautifully every year on the south side of our house. In the summer of 2014, around the dinner table, I brought up the subject of the peony industry in Alaska. Our then 12-year-old son thought is was a must-do idea. It didn't take too much convincing from him to start making plans for our own peony farm. Who knew I'd eventually be growing a field of these beauties?!

     After a year of field prep, we planted 566 peony roots in the fall of 2015.  After allowing the peonies to mature for three years, we harvested our first peony cut-flower crop during the summer of 2018.  We were glad for a successful harvest and look forward to many more.  We have now planted eight varieties of peonies; Pecher, Sarah Bernhardt, Frosted Rose, Duchesse de Nemours, Coral Sunset, and Boule de Neige, Paul M Wild, and Henry Sass. Pictures of the varieties we grow are below. We use natural farming methods and are pleased to offer peonies which are naturally raised and free of chemicals.  

     Fast forward to 2020! And the time has truly flown from our start in 2014 to now. Our family worked hard each summer on our farm. We planted, we grew, we learned, we laughed, we cried, we weeded, we watered, we harvested, we sold, and none of us would have had it any other way. Then one day, in the blink of an eye, our 12-year-old turned 18, and our 10-year-old turned 16! Our 18-year-old flew off to college with plans to return home for part of the summers to help on the farm. Our 16-year-old, with his newly acquired driver's license, has broadened his horizons...gone a lot, home some.  As our boys move on to other adventures, they are glad for their first job, on the Peony Farm, which provided them a little money in their pockets...for vehicles to buy, college to fund, and trips to take,....and their dreams ARE starting to come true. As they grow into young adults they leave their dear mom on the farm...admittedly a little Sleepy..but happy to have done the job of raising young ones who know what it is to set goals, work hard, get dirty, and get the job done. With our peony operation becoming more "mine" I gave it a new name...Sleepy Lady Peonies at Wasilla Lights Farm. The name reminded me a bit of one of my favorite mountains nearby.."Sleeping Lady" aka Mount Susitna. She is a 4396 foot mountain, affectionately called "Sleeping Lady" because of her resemblance to a recumbent woman. Well, "recumbent" is not quite me....and "Wiped Out Woman Peonies" didn't sound quite right. HAHA! So Sleepy Lady Peonies it is!  Our kids left me a Peony Farm. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Now I work the farm to fund college educations, commercial flight schools, and whatever secondary education our younger son chooses in the next couple years. I'm glad I still have the peonies here to nourish and care for. A gift from my children and a gift back to them.  And as I took care of my kids, I take care of our customers, as individuals, providing personal customer service and stunning peonies that....REALLY CAN MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE. 


~Kelly Dellar

~Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.~

Pecher Harvest  July 2020
Pecher Harvest July 2020

Peony Varieties We Grow:

White - Duchesse de Nemours, Boule de Neige, and Henry Sass.

Pink - Sarah Bernhardt.

Rose - Frosted Rose available 2023.

Blush - Pecher.

Coral - Coral Sunset - Sold Out for 2021. 

Red - Paul M Wild. 


Click on photo below to see variety name and description. Enjoy!


~When in doubt, add peonies!~