Peony Roots Available




We have Alaska Grown Peony Roots available for spring 2022 planting. These are bare roots, 3 to 5 eye, and organically grown.


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Spring 2022 roots will be available for pick up at the Farm in April or May depending on the weather. Spring roots are now available to preorder. NO SHIPPING ON SPRING ROOT ORDERS. We will ship fall roots. If you would like to preorder roots for fall, please contact us.  


Peonies prosper in Alaska. Plant your peonies in a sunny location in well draining soil. Peonies love compost and fish bone meal!  Peonies can live for up to 50 years! Plan your planting and order today. 


No refunds on roots after 24 hours of receipt. 

Your choice of any 5 Peony Roots - 3-5 eye.

You choice of any 5 Peony Roots, 3-5 eye. Let us know your selections in a note at check out. 

Any 5 Peonies, bare roots, 3-5 eye


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Duchesse de Nemours Peony Root - 3 to 5 eye bare root

Duchesse Peony is an early bloomer. This is one of our favorite peonies! Duchesse plants are very tall with beautiful leaves and produce an exceptional amount of amazing, frilly, beautifully scented, white blooms. They make the most amazing pure white bouquet or pare well with any other color. You can't go wrong with Duchesse peonies. 

Duchesse, 3-5 eye, bare root


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Sarah Bernhardt Peony - 3 to 5 eye bare root

Sarah! Everybody loves these big fluffy pink peonies!  An old fashion favorite. Very hardy and floriferous. Nice scent. 

Sarah Bare Root, 3-5 eye, bare root


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Pecher Peony - 3-5 eye bare root.

Pecher are blush peonies that open light pink often with some white petals and crimson flecks mixed in.  As the blooms age, especially on the bush, the blooms will turn from soft pink to white. They are truly an amazing garden variety with lots of fluffy petals and a wonderful scent. The blooms are carried on lush green, shorter bushes that shouldn't need staking.  They make a wonderful cut flower. 

Pecher peony bare root, 3-5 eye, bare root


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Boule de Neige peony - bare root, 3-5 eye

Boule de Neige are very large peonies with loads of white petals with crimson flecks mixed in. They are very hardy and make a wonderful garden peony or cut flower. 

Boule de Neige bare root, 3-5 eye, bare root


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Paul M Wild - bare root, 3 - 5 eye

Paul M Wild is a beautiful velvety red, full double bloom, with a lovely scent. This red is one of the latest blooms in our field. My favorite!


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