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I will be adding information here on what DHI milk testing is and how to start testing your goats. 

If you are wondering how much milk a miniature Alpine dairy goat can produce then click on the link below.

The link below is to The Miniature Goat Registry where you can look up the stats on

the 5 miniature Alpine's we've had on DHI milk testing, all of whom have earned their "milk stars." 


The names of our Mini's who've been on test are:

Pescador Harpy AR*D / tested 2018

Straw and Berries Marta AR2*D / tested 2019

Pescador Werecat AR*D / tested 2019

Wasilla Lights Dolly in Pink AR*D / tested 2019

Wasilla Lights Poppy Anna AR*D / tested 2019


See their stats here: https://www.tmgronline.com/milk-production-award-winners


DHI Milk Test Supervisors in Alaska

Myself and 4 other Certified Milk Test Supervisors are

located in the Mat-Su Valley that I am aware of.

There is at least one in Anchorage.

There is one in Petersburg. 


Contact me if you are looking for a Milk Test Supervisor

or if you are a Milk Test Supervisor in Alaska

and would like to share your contact information with me.  

Thank you.

Good Read All About DHI Milk Testing

 Click HERE to read a power point on DHI Milk Testing. It is very informative. Enjoy!