Limited buck service is available.  These two bucks are registered miniature Alpine Dairy goats looking for registered Alpine or Mini Alpine does for breeding to continue to produce miniature Alpines in Alaska. Our herd has tested for the "big three" plus brucellosis and Q-Fever for over 15 years, always negative.


Ike is naturally hornless (polled) and should throw 50% hornless offspring. He is a first generation miniature Alpine. His dam and sister have been on DHI milk test with outstanding results and both have well attached udders with good-sized teats for milking. This guy has an amazing calm and gentle personality, as does his sister and dam. Ike is also available for sale. 


Captain is a second generation miniature Alpine with great milk genetics. His dam, Pescador Harpy, has an amazing udder and very large teats and has been on DHI milk test. 


DHI milk test results available upon request. 


Some requirements are:  

  • Must be a registered full Alpine (no grades) or registered Mini Alpine doe.
  • Does must be tested for CL, Johne's, and CAE or from a tested herd - I will review for my comfort level. 
  • Doe must be registered with ADGA or one of the miniature dairy goat registries, and the registration must be in the current owner's name. 
  • Doe owner must become a member of one of the miniature dairy goat registries prior to breeding. 
  • Doe owner must plan to register progeny from this breeding with one of the miniature dairy goat registries. 
  • Doe must have decent genetics and body/udder/teat conformation.
  • Virgin does preferred, or does bred by bucks that I am comfortable with. This is to prevent the spread of STD's. 
  • Good body condition, especially not way too skinny.
  • Good living conditions.
  • Driveway breeding only, meaning does come for 1/2 hour to hour "dates" while in standing heat and then go home. 
  • Check for external parasites. Treat if needed. 
  • Stud service is $150, conception guaranteed. 
  • We both must feel comfortable with the breeding. 
  • Contact me through this website if interested. 
  • Happy Kidding!