Goat's Milk Lotions

There's Nothing Like It!

Goat's Milk Lotions - choice of 4

All our goat's milk lotions are made from fresh Alaskan goat's milk

right from our farm. We also add pure distilled water,

apricot kernel oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and a tiny bit of

mild skin-safe preservative.

Essential or fragrance oil is added for scent. 


You can find our lotions at the Cobb Street Market at 

625 South Cobb Street in Palmer, Alaska.




We have a website special of 4 lotions for $42 which includes

USPS flat rate shipping anywhere in the 50 United States. 


At check out, please indicate your preference of:


~peony (fragrance oil)

~lilac (fragrance oil)


~tea tree & lavender (essential oils)


Please allow one week for shipping as

lotions are often made to order. 


Thank you!


Goat's milk lotions - choice of 4


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1